September 18, 2015

So I’ve never been into design or fashion. Nope, three years ago I was the typical banking executive in my home country: 9 to 5 shifts (hmm…well… more like 8 to 6pm). Typical days included meetings, preparing presentations, checking on numbers, etc…To be completely honest I do miss it; specially the nice suits and high heels! Nowadays t-shirts, shorts and flip flops seem to be my dress code. But in my defense…I mean… can you blame me?! It’s 36 C outside!!!

Anyway, a year after I landed in this very far away land I discovered HancaDesigns. I just absolutely loved it! From the unique design (my favorite feature: nobody will have something alike) to the materials: leather, silk and crystals mixed together for a funky but chic piece. You can just wear a pair of jeans, basic top, flats and style it with a nice statement necklace. It makes dressing up so much easier without great effort.

One of my all-time favorite accessories are the bracelets. You can find them in any color, different shades and designs; another great thing about them is that it’s easy to mix and match! So you can always wear different stuff.

– Rocio Fournier